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If you're here, you probably already know me.  I started this blog to write about my life in general.  You'll find that most of it has to do with food, because I'm a huuuge glutton, but who doesn't love food?  Sometimes, just sometimes, there may be an interesting travel post.

Or you may be here because of my guide to marrying a British national in Malaysia.  I wrote it to share my experience with others going through the same mind-boggling process, and hopefully it will help them.  Incidentally, if you found it useful, please leave a comment and share it with anyone who might benefit from the knowledge.

No matter your reason for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Marrying a British citizen in Malaysia (if you’re Malaysian)

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Prague Manes Bridge

Prague in June, Day 1

Our decision to visit the Czech Republic was a spontaneous one. My husband and his friend were eyeing up Metalfest, a heavy metal festival (see what they did there?) in Pilsen and I’d always wanted to see Prague. We’d already been on holiday during Easter to Seville but we thought, what the heck, let’s just […]

mung bean, pho noodles, beef broth

Mung bean pho (sort of)

A big steaming bowl of mung bean pho – how untraditional! – is just what I needed to brighten up my Sunday when Phil isn’t around. I’d meant for a lazy brunch of Maggi instant noodles, but ended up putting in (a bit) more effort.  There’s minced beef, onions, chives, spring onions, shiitake mushroom, chillies […]

oatcakes, blueberry, banana, organic honey

Oatcakes with Banana, Blueberry & Honey

  My favourite food from Stoke-on-Trent is the oatcake, which is similar to a pancake, made from oatmeal and wheat flour.  It’s one of the few English foods, apart from cakes, that I love. I didn’t make the oatcakes.  They were bought from the Tunstall market (open Wednesdays and Fridays).  I just heated them in […]

English custard tarts, Chinese egg tarts

Misadventures in Baking: Egg Tarts

On a scale of craptastic to oh-mai-gawd, I’m somewhere in the middle.  I can count the number of times I’ve baked on one hand.  Okay, maybe one and a half.  And it shows. I love watching cooking shows – the husband and I are obsessed with Masterchef Australia – and I want to replicate what I see […]