Li San

Hello there!

My name is Li San, pronounced lee sahn, meaning “beautiful coral”.  You can call me Li San.

As short and simple as it is, people still manage to get it wrong: Lisan, Lisanne, Li-San.  Still, I love my name — thanks, Mum and Dad!

I was born and raised in tropical Malaysia, where it’s summer all year long and you can prance around any time in shorts.  Now I live in England, where even under layers of clothes, I sometimes struggle to feel my fingers.

I’ve always wanted a site with my own domain name.  Now that I have it, I’m not quite sure what I’ll write about, to be honest.  Why would anyone want to read about what I’m up to?  I’m neither a celebrity nor amazingly good-looking.  But hey, I’ve paid good money for this, and my Chinese roots will ensure I get some kind of bang for my buck, even if it turns out to be mere personal gratification.

Happy reading!