mung bean, pho noodles, beef broth

Mung bean pho (sort of)

A big steaming bowl of mung bean pho – how untraditional! – is just what I needed to brighten up my Sunday when Phil isn’t around. I’d meant for a lazy brunch of Maggi instant noodles, but ended up putting in (a bit) more effort.  There’s minced beef, onions, chives, spring onions, shiitake mushroom, chillies […]

oatcakes, blueberry, banana, organic honey

Oatcakes with Banana, Blueberry & Honey

  My favourite food from Stoke-on-Trent is the oatcake, which is similar to a pancake, made from oatmeal and wheat flour.  It’s one of the few English foods, apart from cakes, that I love. I didn’t make the oatcakes.  They were bought from the Tunstall market (open Wednesdays and Fridays).  I just heated them in […]

English custard tarts, Chinese egg tarts

Misadventures in Baking: Egg Tarts

On a scale of craptastic to oh-mai-gawd, I’m somewhere in the middle.  I can count the number of times I’ve baked on one hand.  Okay, maybe one and a half.  And it shows. I love watching cooking shows – the husband and I are obsessed with Masterchef Australia – and I want to replicate what I see […]

Penang Char Kway Teow CKT Malaysian food

Char Kuey Teow @ Robert’s, Say Huat, Section 17

When I knew I’d be returning to Malaysia for a few weeks, one of my first thoughts was, “OMG, food!”  Instantly I ran through a mental checklist of Malaysian dishes I was craving and would have to devour once back.  Topping that list is my all-time favourite, Penang Char Kuey Teow — affectionately shortened to CKT […]

Malaysia cupcakes Lim Jo Weng

Cupcakes by JOW Creations

These little cupcakes from JOW Creations are available at one of the kiosks in Bangsar Shopping Centre. What makes them different are the low-fat ingredients used, hence why they’re marketed as “guilt-free cupcakes” sold at a chain of gyms here. They’re quite small and pricey for RM4 a pop but yummy and make you feel […]

The Daily Grind Portobello Paleo Burger

Portobello Paleo Burger @ The Daily Grind, Bangsar

Had a nice lunch at Bangsar Village with my BFF, whom I get to see only a few times a year now since I moved. It’s hard enough restarting in a new country without most of your family and friends, but to think the moments we’ll share now are drastically limited just breaks my heart. […]

gelato ice cream florence italy

Places for good gelato in Florence, Italy

For our honeymoon in Italy, I compiled a list of places to eat gelato in Florence, based on recommendations on TripAdvisor, Chowhound, and the Internet in general.  We spent only a handful of days there, and my list was long, so I did what any reasonable foodie would do — I sacrificed my diet and […]

Affordable places to eat in Venice

Before we hit Italy in October 2012, I did some research online for affordable places to eat, restaurants and gelaterias alike.  If you’ve got a recommendation, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Restaurants Antico Forno Okay, so this is more like a take-away snack bar, but the pizzas are delicious and very […]

Hummingbird bakery carrot cake slice

Hummingbird carrot cake with walnuts

For Mother’s Day, we baked my husband’s mum a carrot cake, amongst other things.  The icing was too runny and I realised later that I’d forgotten to stick on extra walnuts around the sides of the cake.  That’s what happens when you try to bake a cake whilst buzzing on gin. Still, it turned out […]

no bake pineapple cheesecake

No bake pineapple cheesecake

I seriously love this pineapple cheesecake.  Not only is it delicious enough to impress your friends with, it’s also dead easy to make. All you need are digestive biscuits, some butter / margarine / vegetable oil, pineapple chunks, cottage cheese, double cream, icing sugar, and some chocolate to crumble on top (Cadbury Flake works well). First […]