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Eurovision 2013 songs I actually like

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Eurovision, known more for cheese factor than high quality songs, is something I’ve not had the chance to really experience till this year.  Now that I live in Europe I took the time to check out the 2013 entries and… I’m pleasantly surprised.  Yes, there is some godawful crap and much of it so run-of-the-mill it’s not worth mentioning, but there are also some songs that make you feel guilty for humming along.

Malta – Gianluca Bezzina “Tomorrow”

Cute song, check.  Cute video, check.  Cute couple, check.  It’s infectious enough to stick and catchy enough to be used in the next dozen commercials.  And how can you resist a good-looking geek?


Hungary’s entry, Bye Alex’s “Kedvesem” (Zoohacker remix) is a nice indie pop song, too.  In English it means “She’s the One”.


France’s answer to Amy Winehouse?

Iceland – Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson “Ég á Líf” (I Am Alive)

Perhaps I’m partial to Vikings but come on, it’s a lovely song!  Don’t songs in English usually win though?  English lyrics can be found here.

Denmark – Emmelie De Forest “Teardrops”

One of the big dance numbers and competition frontrunners, “Teardrops” reminds me of Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen’s “Euphoria”.

Norway – Margaret Berger “I Feed You My Love”

Should I be more worried that she wants to feed me her love or because I like this?

Check out some of the more WTF Eurovision songs for 2013 here.

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