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Eurovision 2013 songs so WTF they might win

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Greece – Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis “Alcohol is Free”

This song is awesome on so many levels it needs no further explanation.

Romania – Cesar “It’s My Life”

I feel like I’m watching someone drunk on stage whilst his friends snicker on the sidelines.

Montenegro – Who See? ft. Nina Zizic “Igranka”

I must have missed an episode of Breaking Bad because I don’t recall Walter White and Jesse Pinkman getting down to dubstep or Skyler turning into an exotic dancer.  It’s sort of growing on me.  Oh, dear.

For a giggle, check out Croatia’s answer to Il Divo, Klapa s Mora with “Mižerja” (Hard Times).

The Eurovision Sound

Russia – Dina Garipova “What If”

This has got to be this year’s Disney of Eurovision song, with mass appeal and a plea for the whole world to get along.  Nice but ho-hum.

Ukraine – Zlata Ognevich “Gravity”

Another upbeat number, this one features a gorgeous woman, a unicorn and the jungles of the Lion King.  If YouTube views are anything to go by, this has a good chance of being top 5 at least.

Slovenia – Hannah “Straight into Love”

Love it or hate it, dubstep isn’t going away.  One of the handful of dance numbers with a little dubstep thrown in.

Check out the Eurovision entries that I actually like.

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