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Nailed my first Eurovision predictions

My first Saturday back in England and instead of going out, what did I do? Stay in to watch the Eurovision song contest with a takeaway meal, of course!

I’m chuffed that most of my favourite entries did quite well — in fact, other than Azerbaijan’s boring entry, the top 6 were all my picks:

#1 Denmark – Emmelie De Forest “Teardrops”

Catchy song, #beautifulgirl*, this was a clear winner from the start.  No wonder it won by a whopping 47 points.

*One of the hosts used this terrible pick-up line on international TV, calling Emmelie “hashtag beautiful girl”.

#2 Azerbaijan – Farid Mammadov “Hold Me”

Boooring, generic ballad.  The best thing about the performance was the doppelganger dancer in the box.

#3 Ukraine – Zlata Ognevich “Gravity”

Gorgeous woman, catchy enough song.  It’s not what I would listen to over and over, but it has that Eurovision winner sound.

#4 Norway – Margaret Berger “I Feed You My Love”

This was my #2 pick.  Surprised this Depeche Mode-Bjork number didn’t fare better.

#5 Russia – Dina Garipova “What If”

Of all the entries I felt this was the most “try hard”.  With a typical Eurovision sound and a call for world peace, I’m not much for this song but I thought it would go down well with viewers.

Greece’s fun number, “Alcohol is Free” — which was on my list of Eurovision entries so WTF they just might win — fared well at #6; we predicted it would either be very well-received or totally bomb.

My favourites from Malta, Iceland and Hungary did much better than I expected, placing 8th, 17th and 10th respectively.

What did you think? Did your predictions come true?

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