beef ginger chinese wok cooking

I love food.  It goes hand in hand with being Malaysian, even more so being Malaysian Chinese.  Much like with our other Southeast Asian neighbours, there’s a deep appreciation for good food and eating well.  A typical greeting instead of “How are you?” is “Have you eaten?”

Growing up in a multi-cultural and colonial society, you’re blessed with a smörgåsbord of cuisines — Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, European.  Somehow these strong, distinctive flavours blend together beautifully to create a new style that is uniquely Malaysian.

When you taste the food here, you’ll understand why Malaysians are so passionate, proud and protective of Malaysian cuisine.

Now that I live in England I miss the food back home more than ever.  It’s a little sad to think that authentic Malaysian food will probably never be accepted unless something radical happens i.e. hundreds of thousands of Malaysians moving here.  Even in cosmopolitan London it’s hard to find good laksa because of the lack of certain ingredients, or even Penang Char Kuey Teow.  Or perhaps there’s just not much demand for it.

To get a taste of home, I’m learning to cook Chinese and Malaysian food, as well as other dishes.  I’ve also baked a few cakes that turned out surprisingly well, such as the Hummingbird carrot cake.

Hummingbird carrot cake with walnuts

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