Malaysia cupcakes Lim Jo Weng

Cupcakes by JOW Creations

Malaysia cupcakes Lim Jo Weng

Top: Can’t remember :(
Bottom: Marshmallow and cinnamon, honey and lavender, blueberry.

These little cupcakes from JOW Creations are available at one of the kiosks in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

What makes them different are the low-fat ingredients used, hence why they’re marketed as “guilt-free cupcakes” sold at a chain of gyms here.

They’re quite small and pricey for RM4 a pop but yummy and make you feel less guilty so you wind up eating more.

Try the yummy blueberry — the cream cheese frosting gives it a yoghurt-y taste and it isn’t cloyingly sweet like many cupcakes tend to be.

How the brand came about is fairly interesting. ¬†Financial adviser Lim Jo Weng quit his white-collar job at a bank to pursue his dream of baking. ¬†I’d love to start my own business but I haven’t quite figured out what I’d do!

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    • They’re cute. It’s cool that although the cupcake market is oversaturated, business seems to be doing well for him.

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