pita turned pizza

Pita pizza

pita turned pizza

The hubby usually makes butties* for lunch.  Having grown up on Malaysian food, you’ll forgive me for craving something more imaginative.  One of the dishes I miss the most is good old char kuey teow, my all-time favourite.

I suggested that we do something different with the usual ingredients, which are whatever we manage to rummage from the fridge.  I’m not a big fan of wrapping food up in a roll because I tend to overstuff my bread and everything spills out.  My dad shreds his food into manageable pieces sometimes, like with the turnip and pork mince we roll up in lettuce leaves (shock shock horror to some).  So the idea of spreading food out naturally materialised as this.

Piizzaaaaa!! Pitza? Slacker cooking, happy days (as the Brits say).

*Northern English dialect for sandwich

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