The Daily Grind Portobello Paleo Burger

Portobello Paleo Burger @ The Daily Grind, Bangsar

portobello mushroom beef patty burger

Had a nice lunch at Bangsar Village with my BFF, whom I get to see only a few times a year now since I moved.

It’s hard enough restarting in a new country without most of your family and friends, but to think the moments we’ll share now are drastically limited just breaks my heart.

Anyway, I had the Portobello Paleo Burger, pictured above.  Instead of buns you get two portobello mushrooms.  Love!

He had the triple patty burger or something, which is a lot of meat, but he’s a gym rat so he’ll put all that protein to good use.  Bacon and cheese toppings were scraped off for me, of course.

Then we went and got yummy little cupcakes!

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