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Li San Symons

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Hello!  As of 2014, I have 10 years of work experience in copywriting.  For what exactly?  It’s not easy to pigeonhole myself – I think I’m versatile enough to write for most marketing communications.  I’ve written most things, from print adverts, video scripts and press releases, to brand manuals, brochures and entire newsletters.  But let’s take a quick look, shall we?

View my LinkedIn profile here or see samples of my writing below:

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Advertising: The early days

Upon graduating from university in Australia, I landed my first job as a creative copywriter with global advertising agency Y&R, where I’d interned at college and had my work scrutinised by ad guru Neil French.  I worked on above-the-line adverts for brands such as P&G, Citibank, Sony and BMW.

My second copywriting job was with Arc Worldwide, the direct marketing arm of global ad agency Leo Burnett.  I worked on below-the-line adverts for clients like McDonald’s, Johnnie Walker, PETRONAS and Malaysia Airlines.

Branding: Learning to think strategically

I learned more in my 4 years at DIA Brand Consultants than in any other job.  Beyond a nice logo and pretty packaging, DIA provided business strategies under the brilliant brand strategist, Tania Tai.  To simplify my role as both client services contact and copywriter, a full-scale project encompassed:

  • Conducting workshops with clients to identify business gaps
  • Conducting brand audits, market research and interviews with key stakeholders
  • Developing strategies for business, design and communications
  • Briefing the design team and managing client expectations
  • Writing copy for brand communications, advertising and brand manuals

Brands I managed included Pfizer, F&N and Dunlopillo.

Digital: Joining the client side

At QI Services, I was Corporate Blogger and Social Media Executive.  As a blogger, I ghost-wrote for two senior executives with very different personalities, and managed the blog of the company’s charity.  I was also responsible for content marketing for their retail brand and a blogger outreach programme to build an ambassador network.

On the social media side, I managed the social channels for the retail brand, a senior executive, and the charity.  At the time, the retail brand reached 100,000 Facebook fans.  The most exciting thing about the job was helping the company’s many departments utilise social media, whether to get feedback, run promotions, or provide better customer service.

Social media: Creating brand engagement online

I’m currently the content lead for TAMBA’s social media accounts, including Pirelli, Binatone, Sun Life Direct and Superdry.  I’m responsible for defining social media KPIs with clients, developing content strategies and producing content.  I’m also a regular contributor to the agency’s blog.

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