21 Days to Happiness: Day 1


What sounds like the sister band of Thirty Seconds to Mars, is actually an exercise to recondition myself to be happier, more often.  This video mentions it’s possible to do so, if for 21 days, you keep up a daily routine of:

  • Remembering 3 things you’re thankful for
  • Journaling a positive experience
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Random acts of kindness

I won’t commit to points 4 and 5 right now… but I will definitely give the others a go, starting today.

3 things I’m thankful for

  1. My wonderful husband
  2. My loving parents
  3. The house we just bought (and will hopefully live in soon)

Today’s positive experience

You know it’s terrible when the first thing that pops into your mind is a disagreement you had with your colleague.  Anyway… away with ye, negativity!

When I got home from work, my dear husband had made a lovely dinner of lamb chops with veggies.  It reminded me that no matter what happens, I have someone who loves me and takes good care of me.

Should I be concerned that the next 20 positive experiences will comprise Phil making dinner?  Nah, surely something good happens every day; I just have to pay attention and appreciate it.

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