Phil's veggie soup

21 Days to Happiness: Day 3

To celebrate the first day of spring, the sun seems to have gone off on holiday.  I also missed the memo to wear something black, grey or dark navy to work :p  (A good camera would’ve been handy.)

Still, the wet weather hasn’t dampened my spirits!  Not when I have the best husband in the world.  Check out the veggie soup he made me to take to work.

Phil's veggie soup

Phil’s veggie soup

It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and just a little bit gassy :)

I’m thankful for…

The delicious soup that Phil made.

Game night after work every Thursday, which is today incidentally, and about to start at any minute.

The Douwe Egberts coffee that Sarrah brought in for us girls.  I’m not a big coffee fan, but this stuff is goood.

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