Happiness is…

The happiest person I know, or rather the one who’s most consistently happy, is my best friend, Ari.

He seems to be in a good mood most of the time, and I sometimes think: he’s blessed with good looks, a likeable personality and family money; he’s got plenty to be happy about! Even though he’s told me on numerous occasions that happiness is a choice, a conscious decision he constantly makes till it became a habit.

He does things he enjoys and finds joy in what he does, which is another way of saying:


When something no longer gives him happiness, he moves on to new experiences.  He also chooses to be thankful for what he does have by counting his blessings each time he feels sorry for himself.  And if things don’t go his way, does he dwell on it?  Nope.  He allows himself to be upset for awhile, then gets over it.  Simples, eh?

Basically, my wise friend has been doing his whole life what experts are trying to teach millions: how to be happy.  Oddly he wound up with a best friend who couldn’t be more different in that respect.  I can be an ungrateful wallower, and over time I’ve somehow convinced myself that I’m just a sensitive soul.

As my friend, Goran, would say: lawl.  Yep, for a smart person, I sometimes make really dumb decisions.  But I’m making a conscious effort to change that, to be more like Ari.

Wish me luck!

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