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My first Comic Con (Birmingham 2014)

storm troopers

So I found out on Thursday that my colleague and his wife were going to MCM Birmingham Comic Con.  Now whilst I’ve not read many comics, I am a massive fan of good storytelling, art, and creativity.  And since I’d never been to Comic Con and I didn’t want to be stuck at home whilst the other half was at work, I decided to go.  God forbid I have any fun!

Opening times for general entry tickets (that’s us) was at 11am, so we got there around 11.30am, and it was already packed.  The queue going in wound around the size of a huge hall, but it moved quickly, the company was good and there were lots of costumed folk to eye up.

Yeah, there were some ah-may-zing costumes, although I couldn’t tell you who most of them were meant to be.  Of course, there were some really bad ones too, but still!  Props to whomever puts in all that time and effort into making a costume and putting the whole look together.

batman family

Aren’t they too cute?  They’d be even cuter if they didn’t look so miserable.

thor loki

Phwooargh!  Thor drinks Sprite!  And it’s nice to see those muscles aren’t part of a padded costume.

To be honest I was a little disappointed.  Comic Con in America seems a lot more exciting, from what I’ve read about and seen in photos!  The most famous person I recognised at the NEC was Kyla Cole, an adult model who’s modelled for a game, and Greyston Holt from that TV series about werewolves.  I also saw the doppelgänger of a younger Ola Rapace, from Swedish detective series, Wallander.

I’m happy I went though, and it leads me to today’s things I’m thankful for:

  • Making a new friend in Tamer’s bubbly wife, Anisa.
  • Awesome exhibitions.
  • This gorgeous handmade leather bag I picked up at Comic Con.

Steampunk Leather Bag 01-sm
Steampunk Leather Bag 02-sm
Steampunk Leather Bag 03-sm
Steampunk Leather Bag 04-sm

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