Hello, my name is Lysandris and I'm a half-elf druid.

Pathfinder game nights

Hello, my name is Lysandris and I'm a half-elf druid.

Hello, my name is Lysandris and I’m a half-elf druid.

’21 Days to Happiness’ sounds like the title of a bad motivational seminar or self-help book, doesn’t it?  That’s what I thought.  Hence forth I’m renaming it to whatever my positive experience is for the day.  And Friday’s is actually about Thursday night’s experience, but it’s my blog and I get to call the shots.

So what happens on Thursday?  It’s RPG night after work, and something I’ve come to look forward to.  When the girls at work found out that our male colleagues got together to play on Thursdays, we invited ourselves along and essentially crashed their party.  Becky was intrigued and I knew I would enjoy it.  On the other hand, Helen reluctantly agreed to it because she didn’t want to let anyone down.  Sarrah couldn’t be persuaded; she’d probably rather walk on nails.

As it turned out, no matter what the expectations, our first game night was amazing.  I had so much fun dusting the rust off my imagination, killing zombies, and just enjoying the company.  The boys at work keep to themselves mostly, which is a shame, because they have a great sense of humour.  Several weeks later and we’re still battling monsters, saving villages and trying to find our way to this floating city, of which I can’t recall the name!  Oh, and we finally levelled up to Lvl 2.

I’m thankful for…

  • The opportunity to get to know Tamer and Andy, both great guys.
  • Clients being happy with my copywriting service.
  • My in-laws taking care of me whilst my parents are tens of thousands of miles away.
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