Day 10

QualitySolicitors – Santa’s Cause

In the days leading up to Christmas, legal experts QualitySolicitors ran a fun campaign called Santa’s Cause, centred on the idea that poor Santa realises he’s breaking a few laws every year.  Hence, he’s approached them for legal advice.  Every day, a different law is introduced on Facebook and Twitter in an entertaining rhyme, and the ‘answers’ or legal advice are featured on the campaign website.  These are some of my favourites.

Property Damage

Everyone loves this time of year,
When sleigh bells ring and Santa’s here.
But wait, what’s that? A hole in the roof?
Is it damage caused by a reindeer hoof?
Suggest to us how St. Nick can manage
Complaints filed about property damage?

Day 1

Crossing Borders

Santa travels from country to country,
Delivering gifts to boys and girls,
Unaware he’s crossing illegally,
Bypassing borders around the world.
Should he be given special permission
To help him complete his annual mission?

Day 3

Tax Evasion

Santa’s never paid taxes, not a pence, oh no.
Is it evasion or does he really not know?
If there’s a lesson for Santa this year,
It’s file your taxes so there’s naught to fear.

Day 5


When Santa visits a house, as soon as he’s able,
He partakes of the liquor kindly left on the table.
He’s over the limit, which makes flying too risky,
Should we leave him milk, have him stay off the whisky?

Day 7

Workplace Diversity

Santa’s elves are famous for their ability
To create toys that delight and astound.
But should Santa embrace workplace diversity
And employ workers of different backgrounds?

Day 10

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