european road trip autobahn

Pre-Easter European road trip: Five countries in five days

european road trip autobahn

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This was my second road trip and the first covering so many countries at a go.  Being a road trip rookie and compulsive planner, I made sure we were armed with detailed itineraries and maps – all personalised, of course –  on top of bags full of Doritos, Hobnobs and water.  Oh, and lots of energy drinks for the driver.

Our itinerary can be summed up like this: high-tail it from the ferry in France to Belgium, sightsee, a peek at the Netherlands, then a quick dash to Germany for the rest of the trip, and a short stop in Luxembourg on the way back.  The way we planned it might seem odd to some, but rest assured decisions were soundly made based on 1) where our friends live, and 2) the big goth night that takes place every month or so I’m told (this is the only reason we drove all the way to Bochum).

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The little we saw of French Flanders was from the comfort of the car.  Lots of farmland and little villages with churches and bell towers, a frequent pattern throughout the other countries we visited.


Groenerei Bruges Belgium

Land of chocolate, waffles and fries – we had them all.  After a tiring journey we found our first stop, a day out in Bruges, to be a delightful respite.  We spent the night in Ghent with friends and explored more of this vibrant city the next day.  Then it was off to Germany but not before stopping in…

The Netherlands

Popping in was a totally spontaneous move – we had a couple of hours to kill and Eindhoven was a city that was enroute to Bochum.


Germany St James Church Rothenburg ob der Tauber

If you’re a fan of goth music, you’ll want to check out The Matrix in Bochum, particularly the monthly event, Empire of Darkness, featuring gothy goodness.  The next day we shot off to the charming south Franconian city of Würzburg, before spending the night in what is possibly the best preserved medieval town, Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  These two cities are highlights on the famous Romantic Road, but as time was tight, we could only visit three.  The third stop is Schwangau, where Sleeping Beauty’s castle sits majestically on a mountain.  On the way back we managed to squeeze in a visit to…


I wish we’d had more time to spend here, I really do.  The view from the bridge of the Casemates and the city itself is quite a sight.

As fun as it was, I think I might be a little too old for road trips.  Something tells me this isn’t my last though.

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