venice-san marco sunrise

Venice in October – Day 3

Venice San Marco sunrise

I was determined to catch the sunrise, so poor Phil was hauled out of bed before 7am for a mad dash to St. Mark’s Square.  Silly me did not expect many people to be awake at that hour, but quite a few shops were already prepping for business.  And of course, about a hundred tourists and budding photographers had the same brilliant idea.

Venice sunrise

Venice sunrise

Venice sunrise

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

At the Bridge of Sighs, a lady from China asked for us to take her photo.  Like an art director she knew exactly what shots she wanted and wasn’t shy to ask.  When we asked her to take our pictures in turn, she was just as sure —  bless!

Venice Italy canals

We took a short boat ride to Murano, the island famous for its coloured glassware.  By the time we got there most of the free glass-blowing demonstrations had already ended.  I was wary of being fleeced by the showroom people, but we paid to see this master at work.

Glass maker in Murano, Venice

In a matter of minutes, he made bowl sort of shaped like a flower, and that red blob you see in the photo above turned into this…

Glass maker in Murano, Venice

Amazing.  According to the showroom guy, who reminded me of a car salesman, making a small horse is like a joke to the artist, as he’s used to churning out far more intricate items e.g. massive chandeliers.  Phil bought a few small pieces and whilst tempted, I managed to not part with my money.

Murano island, Venice

Murano island, Venice

Whilst waiting for the water bus to Burano, we had hot chocolate so thick that it was like drinking cake.  The view is spectacular, isn’t it?

Mazzorbo island, Venice

We didn’t quite make it to Burano, the island famous for lace and pretty pastel-coloured houses, but we did stop at Mazzorbo, where the houses are pretty and pastel.  Good enough for us!

After dinner, it was time for some opera at San Salvador!

San Salvador opera, Venice

The humorous baritone, delightful soprano and Colin Firth’s twin as the tenor.

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